1. PACKAGING SOLUTIONS CONSULTING: A lot of brands still treat packaging as an after thought. With the recent ban of plastic bag and the increase in demand for eco-friendly packaging a lot of brands will have to create a sustainable packaging solution and do a complete overhaul of their brand packaging.

We work with minority brands understand what their package is and design a packaging solution that suits their brand. We help them source basic product packaging and/or connect them with producers of custom packaging in their niche area.


2. GIFT ADVISORY CONSULTING: Gift giving is part of our existence and has been around since the 3 wise men gave gifts to welcome the new born baby Jesus or maybe even before then because we got the gift of life right?

We have an exclusive “By Appointment only” Gift Advisory service for individuals and corporations. We help clients create gift packages and souvenirs for Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving, anniversary, corporate events, graduation, seasonal holidays and celebrations.


5% of profit made from sales from our services is donated to our community outreaches and seasonal gift boxes given to the less privileged.