About US

We are all about packaging and having a cool one stop site where you can get up to day packaging information, watch some cool videos and shop some really cool stuffs from minorities all across the globe.



MBisAfrican is a social enterprise based in the New York/ New Jersey area that support minority MSMEs develop a sustainable packaging solution for their brands.

We also provide a cross border e-commerce platform through our Gift Advisory (The Gift Advisory by MB) where these brands can sell their creations.


    • Design sustainable packaging solutions for minority start-up businesses

    • Upgrade the product packaging for select Small & Medium Enterprises

    • Provide an online platform for these brands (especially for the African Made African Inspired-AMAI) to sell their products and tell their brand stories.

    • 3% of each sale we make is donated to select NGOs supporting the SDG Goals 4, 10, 13 in Nigeria.


Our Cross-border e-commerce platform is a Gifting and Packaging supply store called "The GiftAdvisory by MB" Where we sell Digital, Lifestyle, Skincare and Wellness products.


1. AMAI PRODUCTS: African Made, African Inspired product are products that we stock that are made by African brand from across the continent or products made in the United States by Africans or non-Africans inspired by the continent.

Some AMAI products available in stock or for pre-order in our Shop are our: Multi-use collapsible storage bin, Pad-folios, Ankara picture frames, men/women ready to wear, natural skincare products, bags & handmade jewelry.

2. PSA (PACKAGING SUPPLIES & ACCESSORIES): Our PSA are must have packaging supplies and accessories every small business should have and are available for pre-orders and custom orders. Occasionally we will stock select deals like double sided wrapping paper, luxury ribbons, DIY gift boxes with ribbon, shake & stuff tissue paper, reusable tote bags and so much more.

3. IPS (INNOVATE PACKAGE SELL): Our IPS is the heart of our social enterprise because we stuck unusual, “in demand”, innovative products that:

 Are made from recycled or up-cycled materials

 Solve a problem

 Serve a purpose &

 packaged beautifully

All IPS products we stock will be fair trade items and be made by minority brands.

3 % of each sale we make is donated to select NGOs supporting the SDG Goals 4, 9, 10 in Nigeria.


1. PACKAGING SOLUTIONS CONSULTING: We work with minority brands understand what their package is and design a packaging solution that suits their brand. We help them source basic product packaging and/or connect them with producers of custom packaging in their niche area.

2. GIFT ADVISORY CONSULTING: We have an exclusive “By Appointment only” Gift Advisory service for individuals and corporations. We help clients create gift packages and souvenirs for Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving, anniversary, corporate events, graduation, seasonal holidays and celebrations.

5% of profit made from sales is donated to community outreaches and seasonal gift boxes given to the less privileged.



We are GoalKeepers of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 4- Quality Education, 9- Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, 10-Reduced Inequality.


TRAINING & WORKSHOP: We provide FREE trainings and masterclasses to MSME to help them develop their creative skills and monetize their skills by packaging and selling their unique creations. (innovate-Package-Sell).


COMMUNITY OUTREACHES: We partner with NGOs for outreaches to rural communities to empower the minorities with basic skills like gift wrapping and trainings to create accessories. We also provide seasonal gift boxes and educational materials to children in rural community schools and orphanages.



Our Vision is to become the “one stop" exclusive gifting/packaging platform with a variety of sustainable products from over 300 Minority brands from Africa to the United States. Successfully contributing towards making SDG goals1, 4, 9, 10 A reality by 2030.